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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
49 & 48, middle class workers.
2 children.

Live in a condo. Bought in 2003. Paid up. Current valuation $1.5m.
Drive a 2L car. Paid up.

Total income $153k pa. Total savings $40k pa.
Total net worth $2m.

We like the idea suggested by someone about downgrading to a small condo when we retire.
If we retire at 60, we will sell our current condo and buy a studio condo.
We can then use the cash to buy private annuities for our retirement.
CPF Life will also pay us.

How come you cannot get bored everyday telling people how much you made and how much you spouse made.

I know pretty well everybody come to this forum all are very well educated and make a lot of money. Those who make little will find no time for all these nonsense as they have to make a living even late at night or over the weekends.

So whether you make a million a year or not, just keep it to yourself. Don't ask if you can afford to retire by 65 or 75. Always remember, third world country people still can survive with less than a dollar a day.......

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