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This is the person who posted #414 here. I can sense a lot of self righteous fervour in your post. All I can say is that you're getting all worked up over nothing. If this were a standalone post, you might well be justified in assuming that I am a snob who's under the misconception that only top tier Big 4/QFLP equity partners are successful lawyers.

I am certainly not under that impression. I am well aware there are a great many partners running highly successful and highly lucrative boutique law firms doing what they love doing. And for the even smaller 1 to 2 man outfits, they're happy doing what they do even if they don't become immensely well-to-do, and they are indeed more successful than many of their unhappy Big 4 counterparts. Any happy legal career is a successful legal career, since a great many of us face the sad fate of hating our jobs and leaving the industry.

May I however direct your attention to Post #394, where the mistakenly-enrolled UOL student intimated a wish to join the Big 4 firms?

No chance for A&G, WongP etc? I am determined and willing to put 12-15 hours everyday if required. Ask me start from the bottomest position at 2k I also can take it if they give me chance.

Legal exec as in in-house counsel? I don't mind also. Have one cousin doing in-house counsel for an O&G company, every time see her Facebook flying around the world makan who's food! But I thought need to clock some experience first?
End Quote

My post is grounded in the context of advice rendered to someone who has asked about his chances of entering "glitzy big firm" practice. I am not looking down on small firm practice. I am simply letting the recipient of advice know that his chances of getting where he wants to be are not good. Hopefully this clarifies?

Perhaps a little more contextual background would be in order before jumping to premature conclusions.

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