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Thirdly, even if you take your first few baby steps by enrolling in a qualifying institution, you'll need to be very realistic about career prospects. There are lawyers and there are lawyers. If you don't know what this means, look it up. Some lawyers start their careers with five figure paychecks (by completing training in a Big 4, and taking up an offshore firm's offer instead). At the other end of the spectrum, you'll have NQ lawyers joining one-man outfits entering at $3,000 a month. Getting your degree and crossing the bar simply gives you the right to embark on a legal career - it does not by any means guarantee that it will be a decent career, or that you will even get a job in the first place. The fact that you had trouble entering SMU/NUS suggests to me that that the qualifying institution that you may eventually join would be a low or lower-mid tier institution, which would in the natural course of things land you in a small or small-mid sized firm rather than a glitzy large corporate firm.
Disagree. There are many paths to success in the legal profession and not all of them involve travelling along the gilded road of big firm practice.

To think that that is the only measure of success is naive and superficial in the extreme.

Those who think that way haven't practiced long enough in the legal profession to know that its not where you practice, but how you do what you do and whether you enjoy it.

Not every lawyer gets listed in the Legal 500. The vast majority don't. But that is by no means indicative of a subpar career or second tier practice.

Take it from someone who has practiced in both the glamorous and the grittier sides of the profession.
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