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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Like I said they are good and generally attract good people. There certainly will be some FCH in these programs. Anyway academic grades is just 1 measurement of quality, there are many other facets to determine caliber. Many distinct programs look at far more than just class of honours.

I am just speaking from experience as a recruiter. Ask anyone experienced out there whether a UOB MAP can even remotely compare with a similar program from the likes of Shell, P&G, GE or some of the BB banks. There is a distinction between good & prestigious.

There is no wow factor being a DBS or UOB management trainee as compared to some of these other programs. Usually in order be considered prestigious it's got to be a global leader in a lucrative & influential industry.

It's just like NUS or SMU, yes standards are generally good and occasionally you will get some very bright students, but would anyone consider them prestigious? No. When you talk about prestigious university, people mean Harvard, Yale, Wharton, Oxbridge, Insead, CBS etc. Sames goes for companies.
Hi, thanks for your input. What other programs would you consider very prestigious?
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