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Originally Posted by Megazord View Post
Hi guys, nowadays many SMEs and small coys put out management trainee programs to entice people, but I was wondering what are the more prestigious ones available. From looking at the threads here and my own research I can list down a few ROTATIONAL PROGRAMS which are available:

Visa Graduate Development Program
Unilever Future Leaders Program
GSK Future Leaders Program
Shell Graduate Program
Glencore Graduate Program
Citi MA Program
HSBC MA Program
DBS MA Program
UOB MA Program

For other local coys:
Singtel MA Program

What are the other big ones out there?
I wouldn't classify programs from Glencore, Citi, Visa, DBS, UOB, Singtel, Starhub, SGX as "prestigious". They are decent in the sense that it is structured environment, provides job rotation and you generally graduate as some sort of "manager". These companies usually target top 10-30% quality of the cohort which is considered good, but definitely not prestigious per se.
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