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Originally Posted by temp111 View Post
Local uni likes to look down on SIM students.

They think they big fark. What they didnt know is they are just idiots competing in this job market.

If u grad with degree 10 yrs ago, u can buy a car and condo without any problem. Your degree is high valued by employers.

Nowadays if u grad with degree, u will have problems landing urself a stable job. Let alone buy a condo plus car.

When I see those uni grad nowadays who wants to buy a car once graduate, I laugh my a** off. What noobs. Local degree is no more of high value and their value is similar to that of SIM. So stop looking down on others.

hahaha, if proper local degree is no more of high value, then SIM private degree lagi worse!!!!!!

dun even bother talking about those who only have diploma like temp111
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