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It's not as bad as you make it out to be. Making 100k shouldn't be a problem for a good performer. If you rise up to be a vice-principal or principal, the ceiling is around $200k. Moreover, many teachers are able to leave the service for a super rewarding (financially) career giving private tuition or starting tuition centres.

Read this article at asiaone:
[url=://]Pay rise for teachers in new scheme[/

"For an experienced principal on the Senior Education Officer (SEO) Superscale "H", the annual pay package will increase from $168,000 to $193,000 for a good performer and from $185,000 to $218,000 for an outstanding performer."
While the numbers are correct, I just want to put into context that you really have to be outstanding performer to get into superscale H if you just join as a normal teacher that slowly moves up the ranks. We are talking about consistent performer in the top 3% bracket in terms of performance AND potential.

If you are just a normal good performer, i.e the kind that swings between average and good hovering from top 40% to top 20% kind you won't even come close to smelling a superscale H as your career will likely max out at HOD level.

Ultimately like most posters already say, teacher pay is good enough for a decent living, but don't go in there thinking that as long as you are good you will eventually become a principal on superscale.
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