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I supposed you are new to the work ethos of the asian (or maybe the world) workplace. The boss of a work team is responsible for the team's output, quality and timeliness of the output. If the team doesn't deliver, the boss is the first to get the repercussions. He may be sacked / replaced. If the team performs well, naturally the boss will get the recognition first. It is then the boss' responsibility and obligation to reward his team. He can then single out star performers in his team for special rewards or promotion. This is the natural order of things.

If you think that way is too slow for you, you can make yourself visible to higher management, and show that you can handle bigger responsibilities. If you are good, you are good, if you are bad and it shows up to higher management, your career is over.

I have seen it happened both ways. Young, ambitious and good workers jostled to get higher management attention, volunteered for more work assignment and responsibilities, delivered and got well rewarded. Other young, ambitious but not so capable workers, found their assignments difficult, failed to deliver and worse, made the bosses looked bad and that's the end of their career.

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Today was a sad day for me.

I was working on a project for 2 years. I came to know all this while my boss didn't tell his superiors that the work was being done by me. The credit was taken by my boss.
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