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A family member of mine is in your industry.
I think $3k is really much higher end of the pay scale for this work.

For payscale with regards to this industry, you can check the NCSS website.

NCSS :: Career - Salary info for VWO positions

Do note what they say is the pay after 5 years of working. You will see that the pay jump is really not something to shout about.

In considering if you have what it takes , think about such matters :

1. Do you enjoy this work ? You must enjoy seeing your work yielding tremendous benefit to others with little or no to your own benefit eg no increase in pay, maybe also very little time/energy with your own family.

2. Can your family support and encourage you as you purse this ?

3. Is your wife doing the same as you or working the corporate ladder ? Would your ego be hit if she is earning more than you ?

3. Paywise, you will be mostly lower than your peers and will that affect your ego/passion in this area ? And dont be too negative lah. Can own Iphone lah. And still do a lot of things including owning car. Just that you must be more prudent. Maybe like not first hand but 2nd hand. Is that an issue with you ? Sometimes friends also give nice gifts. Must be "thick skinned" to ask. dont be too shy but not demanding... And that trick takes time to learn.

You can survive, and even retire but you will may not have the more expensive things in life. But that does not mean you did not live your life to the fullest. And you may have enjoyed it more than others.

It is always better to burn out than fade out. Most in this line are long long remembered (provided that they stick to it above 15 years cos it takes that long to make a difference).....

Originally Posted by thelamb View Post
Hi everyone, Just wana touch base on the market rate for this industry. Understand its not everyone's cup of tea and most ppl join out of personal passion or through their faith/ beliefs. It's pay scale is peanut compared to the corporate world. I personally know of a young lady, fresh banking n finance graduate doing teaching for pre-sch/ pri kids as her 1st job in an FSC in sg.

I am currently comtemplating whether to join a SPED school. My brief background including 2 n 1/2 yrs of NS- (starting basic pay)

2002 (sp. needs/ disability industry / local engineering diploma) -(1300)
2010 (counselling industry / local counselling degree) -(2900)

Find counselling job doesn't suit me/ or simply can't adjust n left, despite the qualification.. Thought of gng back to sp. needs, since i got the experience.. Wanting to join a sp needs sch, is my minimum starting expected pay of 3k too high or low based on my non-related field qualification as a graduate n relevant experiences ???? I wanted to join the sch side cause i heard they pay better compared to centre, workshop in the disability sector.

Appreciate any like-minded buddy, specialised in this industry whom, like me, has a heart to work in this industry, but still have bills and family to worry n survive...(forget about cars, I-phones, etc) to share their knowledge, experiences n priceless cents of opinion in this humble thread..

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