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That will never happen. lawyers are notorious for being elitists and snobbish. they are not going to accept random foreigners holding some random Indian or china law school law degree who cannot string an english sentence together amongst their rarefied ranks.
The infiltration of Pinoys, and Indian nationals is already happening. In the firms I have worked at, the lawyers/partners will sign off the work that these legally-trained FTs do. The FTs may or may not be Registered Foreign Lawyer. The Managing Partner of one of the mid-tier firms acknowledged that he would rather employ such persons than a Singapore-qualified lawyer. Although the standard of work may be affected (and I have experienced the laziness and the work of such FTs), most clients accept such standards of work. Especially since clients are paying the same amount anyway (with fee caps, fix fees, etc), it makes business sense to hire one lawyer/partner to oversee many such FTs.

Regarding retention, some of the firms I have worked with have 0 to 20% retention rates, which is pathetic. I know that the IP department of one of the larger firms employed new associates with some experience, but none of the trainees were retained.
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