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wow cool i think you are right. my intention was for CV marketability. you are really insightful and i guess i will not take the offer. Really thanks a lot for replying me.

Actually you guess it very accurately. The offer is CNOOC itself. but the subsi in singapore. i was told that it has 20 years business in singapore and acts like a hub for their south east asia business. but still 20 years subsi business for a hub 1 man show accounts is still feeling really weird..
You are welcome

I see, unfortunately my dealings are mostly with PetroChina (the commercial arm, not SPC) so I don't really know how CNOOC works internally. But CNOOC is the #3 overall oil co. in China and their overseas trading hub is actually the most established among the 3 china oil giants.

To me either your subsidiary is really some offshoot mini entity or they have set up in such a way you are just the local headcount for show as all the real stuff is done in China. Either way doesn't look attractive for building up your personal development.
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