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In my situation, it is something like this kind of subsidiary as you mention. But is it weird for a subsi(aka its global trading arm) accounting department to consist of only 2 people????? and not like departmentalise AR one department, AP one department and stuff? And since there is a corruption scandal , would it even be worth the risk for me to join?

I understand that accountant are usually hard to promote. But my plan A was say if i were to join this MNC as account assistant, i will work for few years to gain sufficient good experience and made use of this brand to jump to a much better bigger MNC and higher rank (account executive).

my plan B was to stay in my audit firm til i get to audit senior than find an MNC or government sector accountant to settle down. But i was wondering is it even possible for a audit senior in a audit firm like mine to get to MNC or government sector? Or actually audit senior if is not from Big four are all useless **** and cannot get much good prospect?

my plan C was from this small/midtier audit firm i am in jump to Big four. thereafter from Big four go to MNC. But i have been trying since day one til now 1.5 years still no news.
Very hard to comment why only 1 headcount in the whole accounting dept. It could be that operations here are really small and mostly supported by China HQ. But if it's the size like CNOOC, certainly very suspicious. I can't imagine the global trading arm of a hundred billion dollar company has only a super junior 1 year exp guy looking after accounts in Singapore. Even if there is nothing fraudulent, it does imply the operations are really small and insignificant here.

Plan B - MNCs come in all shapes and sizes. Some MNCs are very small like some of our local firms, so they might take you in. As for the "real" MNCs like we usually mean, then I can say Plan B not workable. An audit senior in a never heard before firm (who even knows #5 or #6, not to mention yours is like #20+) unless you have a mentor or network somebody high up willing to bring you in, no chance if you ask me.

Big ministries & stat boards are usually the big4 crowd. Maybe some smaller stat boards willing to try you out, but those are mainly dead end anyway. As for semi gov sector like GLCs the bigger ones confirm also go for big 4, smaller ones maybe will consider.

Plan C is a confirm don't work thing. The whole big 4 environment is a musical chair where the people just jump around within. Even if you are some audit senior which is probably equivalent to their freshie entry grade, they have more than enough choices from the university campus to let in someone from a never heard before firm. Sad truth, don't waste time. Plan C won't work.

If you ask me the only realistic course of action for you now is to join a small MNC or GLC or regional Jap/Kor/China company gain exp and slowly move up. If you are lucky eventually after 5 years get a MNC job then treat it as a bonus, otherwise just move within this space also not bad. It won't make you rich, but at least decent enough middle class.
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