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Originally Posted by anonymous1989 View Post
Dear all, i am currently facing a dilemma. I m currently working as an auditor for 1.5 years in a mid tier firm( subjectively mid tier though as its ranking is 20++++.) and it feels like a small firm.

I was wondering the prospect that i could have if i promote to a audit senior then leave the company to say maybe working in government or MNC sector in future.

I recently gotten a MNC job offer in one of the china top oil industries. However i am worried about the following:

1) it seems like a subsidiary branch in Singapore, if is subsidiary, will there even be future career prospect?(say if i jump ship to another MNC or so in 3 years time?)
2) promotion takes 2-4 years (may or may not be promoted)
3)The subsidiary accounts department only consist of 2 people and i will be handling full set accounts. When i noted of this, it makes me feels weird. Its like a SME size in disguise of MNC. because from what i know, MNC accounting department at least for bigger ones usually has a team for AR, a team for AP, a team for GL. stuff like these.

So i am greatly confuse if this is the type of MNC people chase after or dream to go. The kind of MNC which people want to go badly are usually not full set accounts and work like an SME which i known of.

I really need you guys help and opinion and prompt replies.
It really depends what sort of subsidiary. For e.g. a subsidiary like SPC is run locally with very local pay & promotion culture independent of CNPC. In this case it is only a subsidiary in the legal sense and in the market nobody will consider you as having worked in a "China top oil industry".

On the other hand if you work in something like CNOOC International which is a global trading arm, then yes you can consider yourself part of the major national oil industry. This has pros & cons as the China oil companies now are under strict audit & cost cutting due to the ongoing corruption scandal at the national level.

As for promotion prospect you have to understand that in the oil industry unless you are a star performer, getting promoted every 5-6 years is normal. This is because most companies under oil & gas do not practice inflated job titles or fake promotions where companies just throw you some mediocre increase & give you a fake senior title like in the finance industry where this is very common.

If you are the kind where promotion every 1-2 years to feel good is important, then this industry is not for you. Better off trying to look for a banking or FI job.

Another thing is you have to be realistic about your marketability. Ideally everyone wants to join the biggest global mnc like google, jpm, exxon, unilever etc, but as a jr auditor without any special achievements and somemore not even a big 4, why would they want you when they have hundreds of big 4 auditors desperate to join them? A China subsidiary might not be ideal, but it's not like top mncs are lining up to offer you.

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