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Originally Posted by lazyplane View Post
Wow. I am impressed. You determined that i am a noob because of which statement ?

Back to your post and point on investing in crisis which is similiar to gabriel yap. Can you share your key assumptions ?

My questions are :

1. Do you invest in large cap companies during crisis or small cap ones ?

2. And during crisis, do you favour any sector speciality for the rebound? Hard commodities like oil and gas, metals , or maybe tech , finance etc ?

3. You seem to also favour the warren buffet approach of LT view of companies. If so, then your trading strategy is strategic investment bet style.
Sorry if I sounded rude. I just thought you were new to investing / trading. That's all. No offense intended.

1. Large caps.

2. Commodities, oil and gas, and a little finance, SGX too.

3. Not exactly Buffett approach. He rarely sells. I buy low during crises and sell high during happy periods. There's a risk too - if the crisis turns out to be as bad as the great depression (or its aftermath), my money could get stuck for a long time before I see any gains.
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