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Originally Posted by lazyplane View Post
Arent you afraid that the company you invest go bust ?
How many companies have gone bust? They are usually the ones into "special areas".

To play safe, you can always trade the STI component stocks or blue chips. I've made over 100% profit in the last crisis trading them ("trade" as in medium term trading, not "in and out" trading). Of course, you can always cite CSM and Creative as bad examples, but for every CSM or Creative there are countless other very profitable stocks.

I can tell that you are a noob. You need to read widely and monitor the market closely with an open mind. Study the big charts, study the 10-year history (if you ask me, I don't trust short term technical analysis).

Don't waste time on seminars. They won't help much - they'll only enrich the self-proclaimed "gurus". Your time could be better spent reading and monitoring the market. I used to waste a lot of time reading about the seminars, their ads, their trainers, attending their "free" previews, and wondering why they do it, how they do it, are they for real, etc. It's a waste of my time. Or maybe not - I can become a seminar guy one day too!
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