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haha .. thats what alot of people think also..

the real estate agent job is just one avenue

here are some of the other jobs that real estate graduates get to work in..

Government Jobs
- Urban Planners @ URA, SLA
- Property Tax officers or land valuers for IRAS
- Working for public housing in HDB

Banks too hire real estate graduates.. this is mainly because Real Estate is an Asset class..
so you have fund manager jobs, investment banking jobs, research analyst jobs and etc.

basically anything that involves in the creation of your shopping mall, home or any building per say.. the guy who plans it, builts it, invests in it and manages it.. a real estate graduate can work in that line..

**** however, pls note that the real estate graduate is still not as powerful as say a finance graduate in the finance sector, much like the finance sector would want a specialist, the finance knowledge is not well thought in the real estate course at NUS. So thats one problem
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