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Hi there!

I'm 21 of age this year. I'm completing my national service next year. I would like to be an advertising copywriter in an advertising agency as i think writing is one of my strengths. As I didn't take Mass Communication as my dip, i took Business instead, I'm not sure i will be as qualified as the mass comm people when i apply for an internship after my ORD as i do not have a portfollio and i'm unsure about how about doing spec ads.

I would probably do a part-time degree comms degree sometime later this yr.

Does anyone here who works as a copywriter care to drop some advice? How do you start out? Which ad agencies gives the best internship experience?

Also, do copywriters stay cooped up in their workspace. Because i would really love to meet and interact with people too! I wouldn't want to be as cooped. Thus, im also considering being an account executive.

Arghh. frustrating.

Hope some nice souls could give me some advice. Any kind will do!
I am in advertising dude and I am turning 30 soon..

What kind of income per month u thinking of earning?
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