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You're right on my net worth. Thanks for your well wishes. I wish you all the best too for your retirement.

What about you? How old are you and what's your net worth? When do you plan to retire and why do you need so much ($150k pa) to retire? I thought $36k pa would suffice for an old couple without debt?

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Very commendable. That means your networth is at least $2.6m not including your CPF money. $1.4m for your condo and $1.2m in stocks.

Must admit when my investment in stocks hit $1m a few years ago I was worried. But now that my networth has grown, the $1m in stocks makes up less than 20% of my total funds, I am able to sleep peacefully at night. Diversification to spread your risk is key.

Don't put all your funds into a single source of investment eg. stocks. Spread some to bonds and annuities, and if possible, even property for rental income.

Well good luck on your retirement plan!
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