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Lol, I think it has advantages. I mean with some c**k & bull postings, when I revealed my true networth, I know it will not be taken seriously.

Somehow, it is in human nature not to believe something so far different from what they can imagine.

What will it take for them to believe? They see someone driving a 5 series beemer and staying in a nice landed property and immediately they think the family must be deep in debt. Or they see a family staying in a condo with 3 cars, and they think the family must be spending beyond their means, spending retirement funds away.

I know I am no where near the big earners, but I do know people who can afford an E200 or a Beemer every year paid full with current COE prices with savings left over if they so choose. And these people have multiple properties.

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This thread seems pointless when everyone is just bullcrapping.
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