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Hey np, just sharing what i know, which may not be accurate since hiring managers all have diff selection criteria, most i know are not academic worshippers. When i first got in to Mindef, my degree was not a prestigious one and i only got a pass degree but i went in with more than 5yrs of experience from another ministry and they saw pass my credentials, even though i had 'stronger' opponents, most inportantly the hiring manager must see something in you, they must see ur value and ur integrity which far surpasses the need for excellent academic achievements. I was not even from the top 3 unis of singapore and there are many more like me.

That being said, i dont want to raise ur hopes too high, i will recommend u you to continue ur job hunt elsewhere if u have been waiting for 2 weeks. In fact, dont stop ur job hunt because there is no guarrantee u can get in anywhere unless u sign the offer letter. All the best!
Yep, looking elsewhere too. Thank you so much!
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