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I was caught in this situation when I was mx11, counldnt crossed 'the bar' cos I was new and only had 1 year of rating. Even though my grade was B, my merit increment was only 4% cos it hit the max of first tier. Then when there was the 5% increment for all mx11, I hit the ceiling for mx11. Before this news came about, I was already told of my consistent good performance and would be recommended for promotion. Got another B and promoted but only $250 promotion increment (3.5%). Sort of feel "unbalance".

Well, it is possible to be promoted from MX11 to MX10. I don't mean to be rude or belittle your good peformance but it seems that you didn't make the cut for a MX10 promotion. Perhaps you need to take a reality check coz u cruised into MX11A by default and couldn't make it to MX10. Cruel words but I can't help but to point out what you don't want to admit. No hard feelings okay. I'm strictly addressing your comments. Nothing personal.
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