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i ask yourself what you want after 10 years down the road at 44.
I guess if you are a parent, 10 years down the road your kid will be 10 yrs old and you need more time to take care of child. thus at NCS your have better pay, stable year pay rise. No need to thing of money problemsCompare to the pay your are getting now is definently better then the US MNC ,

From my experience now i also in US MNC , i came from SI where i need to do the bao ga liao things, when i came this US MNC for the first year i clean up the IT infrastructure in the local site and after two years here i realize my efforts are not rewarding me. I was hire base on diploma and after i got my degree, no pay rise and recently i found out that my colleague (PR) who have been here for more then 10 years everyday cho bo is getting the same performance bonus percentage as i guess our performance review was a fake screw up.
There are a lot of Lackeys espically local ones who will be taking advantage of you and the MNC heads likes them regardless they have ability or not.

I think there are good US MNCs out there where they can offer good career opportunities and i hope that the one taht you are going is one of them, as for me i guess after my bond is up, its time for me to go. After all sometimes you must think.....WILL your boss be afraid that you are better then him?? what's the company's culture like?
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