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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Apr 2012:
MX11 -> merit increment = $400+

Apr 2013:
MX11 -> merit increment = $400+

Apr 2014:
MX11 -> merit increment = $400+

Aug 2014:
Salary adjustment -> +5%
MX11A introduced -> emplacement increment = +$250

I am not on the AO scheme. I just turned MX10 this Apr.

I have nothing to gain by lying. You can, of course, choose not to believe me.

The intent of my original post was merely to find out how much the typical increment for MX10 is.
When did you enter mx11? I was promoted to mx11 in 2014. I was told that I got a C grade in mar 2015 (for work done in 2014) because that's the default grade for those who are in their new MX grade. Did you experience this too?
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