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Hi there!

I'm 21 of age this year. I'm completing my national service next year. I would like to be an advertising copywriter in an advertising agency as i think writing is one of my strengths. As I didn't take Mass Communication as my dip, i took Business instead, I'm not sure i will be as qualified as the mass comm people when i apply for an internship after my ORD as i do not have a portfollio and i'm unsure about how about doing spec ads.

I would probably do a part-time degree comms degree sometime later this yr.

Does anyone here who works as a copywriter care to drop some advice? How do you start out? Which ad agencies gives the best internship experience?

Also, do copywriters stay cooped up in their workspace. Because i would really love to meet and interact with people too! I wouldn't want to be as cooped. Thus, im also considering being an account executive.

Arghh. frustrating.

Hope some nice souls could give me some advice. Any kind will do!
Are you sure writing is "one of your strengths"?

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