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I think there are already many degree holders stuck in the non graduate scheme. These are the ones who go for upgrade n obtain their degree thru part time study sacrificing their time with their love ones. Now with this, if seeing their non graduate climbing up the ladder n they themselves armed with a hardearn degree, still stuck at the bottom, it will be demoralising. I think it should also look into how to place these graduate officer who stuck in their non graduate post, get them into the level same as those graduate first.
why would they do that? they whole point of this extended scheme is to reward productive workers and encouraging ppl not to get a degree for the sake of getting one.

U sacrificed ur time, money and effort to earn a degree. Good job. However, rewarding hard work is just a belief inculcated in us by our parents or educators, because it worked for their generation. Unfortunately, hard work alone will not get u anywhere nowadays if you do not produce the result.

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