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Just to digress a bit, can anyone confirm if it is normal for a Associate Director in a big 4 to be paid 12k? I am now in the final interview round with PWC for an Associate Director role and when the subject of pay come up, HR keep hinting that they cannot give anything more than my current pay which is 10.6k due to "internal benchmark". I want to know if it's really true or just some negotiation tactic.
It depends on which Big 4 you are going to... if you're talking about the 3 lettered one, wow 10.6k for AD3 is kinda low considering the top grade SM (SM3/4, I forgot which) earns close to 10k. So only 600+ increment for 3 years of AD?

Don't forget to factor in the poor bonuses in Big 4... 2-3 months may be the norm there, that's including 13th month.
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