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Hi everyone! I am new to this forum. Just wanted to seek some advice from the experienced people here. As some background about myself, I am female, local, a fresh grad, graduating in May this year, from NUS FASS, expected second upper/ first class honours. I have started to job hunt and has been contemplating whether to join the public or private sector for quite some time. I see that there are pros and cons for both, e.g. for private sector, it may be more volatile, but mobility is higher like if i decide to leave the company, it may be easier for me to join another company with the skills i learnt. In public sector, more stable, perhaps bonuses and pay could be higher (??), but it is difficult to leave, & skills would not be as transferable.

Interests wise, i am open to anything. Plus our FASS degree is rather general so i am really fine with anything (except banking sectors, that's really not my thing). Pay wise, of course a higher pay would be better that's why i was gravitating towards public sector, but i am also concerned that i would be tied down and would not be able to leave if i want to do that few years down the road.

Any advice or just your thoughts, or your experiences would really be greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading and Happy CNY!
You already state down all the pros & cons of both dies, really up to you.

TBH I don't quite see the logic how you want higher pay = join public sector. Public sector pay is more stable, but as a famer the glass ceilin is quite low so pay potential is limited.

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