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I was not angry. but as a foreigner, i find it weird when people make a 1 point agenda to blame foreigners. A-star pays 4500SGD to fresh Phd. I think thats low. Considering that Singapore has become costlier over the years. 5 yrs back , 4500 was ok. But now , its simply not enough. The pay is stagnant in places like NUS, A-star, etc. I dont work in Singapore ritenow but I was thinking that MNCs mite pay well. But engineering MNCs are not there in Singapore.

Clearly, engineers who dont make it high in their fields try to change to finance n banking. What I meant is that an average guy in banking perhaps makes a little more than a guy with the same caliber in engineering. I see every other engineer who does see a bright future contemplating a switch to Banking and Finance. Clearly they think they can do better in that area. So, I assume it should be slightly easier than technology.

Some engineers make good money. But the majority dont and the reason being, they are average. And when average people get frustrated n loose enthusiasm, they want to switch to whatever is lucrative.
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