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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
wow, what a sound advice.

That's what I find puzzling about this forum. Everytime somebody ask a serious and thought out question. It often goes ignored. If not it get replies like "easy. wan scam people money earn big bucks go finance."

WTH was that ?! Do you know how dumb that sounds ? I pity you.

To the starter, there are many people doing back end jobs in finance and earn wages comparable to the average engineer. I'll choose something I enjoy and excel in then spend the rest of uni time building up strong networks cause thats what matter, and enjoying that phase in life.
I would say the income growth potential of those people doing "back end jobs in finance" is higher. A poly classmate of mine started in operations and is now a credit risk vp earning $150k. She's in her mid-thirties. Pretty impressive for a diploma holder. On the other hand, all my engineering classmates (also dip holders) are not even making half that amount. How much can an engineer earn in Singapore?
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