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I wouldn't be so quick to rubbish this, as this really is happening on the ground. That people are indeed renting out rooms to strangers, not just to foreigners (eg M'sians) but also to Singaporeans who either cannot/don't want to stay with their own families.

Already I have 2 M'sians colleagues who rented rooms in HDBs while the owners (not so elderly couples) still staying there. My colleagues are paying about $600 - $800 pm.

And thinking back, when I was an undergraduate at NUS, a couple of my classmates and I (Singaporeans all) rented rooms in flats near NUS - Dover, Ghim Moh and Clementine areas. I am very sure students are still doing this, ie renting rooms in flats around the areas.
read before replying. your colleagues obviously are still working, that person was referring to retirees!
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