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Originally Posted by Future View Post
I am drawing $6k per month (w/o bonus included).My total compensation for last year was $90k.Not a great salary by any means but I try to live a simple lifestyle to compensate for my low salary e.g. live in a one room HDB flat & do not own a car or any expensive hobbies.I guess I am still able to cope.As for HODs,they earn more than the $100k that you quoted.For example a HOD with 10 years of experience draws $7k monthly excluding bonuses.Some non HOD teachers that I personally know of with 9-10 years of experience drew approximately $108k last year including bonuses.
But if you ask any teacher about the greatest challenges that he or she faces,it is usually never about the salary or monetary compensation.But for me sometimes I do feel discouraged especially my former classmates in school working as top lawyers or doctors or bankers command monthly salaries of more than 10 times my monthly pay.I guess it was a choice I made and no one forced me to be a teacher in the 1st place right?
well said. Several times in life we come to a crossroads where a single decision will decide our futures. I know its pointless, but sometimes we just can't help comparing with others. Btw, I would like to think that you're doing pretty well as a teacher. 6k in 5 years is no mean feat, there was another gentleman who posted that he only got there in 9years.

I have my share of friends who are bankers and lawyers. One of them is a research analyst for Citibank earning a package of about 330,000 a year. However this is a guy who genuinely has one of the worst work-life balances I've ever encountered. he leaves home at about 6.15am (he lives in river valley) for the morning call at 7am and he returns home at 11pm, after attending the morning call when wall street opens. He has to retire at 40 or he'll burn out for sure. no social life to speak of.

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