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Too bad for him. He is in a very small minority.

Must learn to enjoy and keep healthy of course. With solid savings, these are the few things you will notice immediately in your life:

1. Less worry. Your worry about sustaining your retirement will be gone.
2. Less stress at work. You will start to view work differently. Not that you should slack at work, but you will not feel stressed that you will be passed over for promotion etc. You dont need the promotion.
3. You can build up your passive income stream with your $. Money to generate more money
4. More willing to enjoy life. Your wife wants to tour Europe / US? Alright on, you tell her, and off you go
5. Car COE expiring? No problem, just book another.
I mean I could go on, but you get my drift.

Nowadays people at 55 are still very fit and healthy. Many are running marathons, playing golf, tennis and swimming.

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Yes, we plan to work till 65 or even to 75 if health permits. However, we wonder whether we should be working for so long. We know of someone who passed away at 58, he could not enjoy the millions he had for retirement. All his money squandered by the kids, they wasted his hard earned money on wasteful things and activities. Heart pain if he is still alive.
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