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Originally Posted by ZZZ View Post
The pertinent question to ask is what is the salary progression after 5, 10 and 15 years?

In banks and MNCs for above average performers it should be $100K (manager) after 5 years, $200K (senior manager or VP) after 10 years, and $300K (director or senior VP) after 15 years.
According to government figures: To get $200k with just 10 years exp, you are considered the top 2.9% of the cohot - this is confirm not just "above average performance" needed.

Even in top paying global banks or oil&gas supramajors, the number of people who can hit $200k within 10 years remains a distinct minority.

New joiners into the workforce fresh from school need to be realistic about their benchmarks and stop daydreaming about instant riches all the time.

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