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IN TODAY'S turbulent economic climate, one might expect everyone with a job in the financial sector to cling to it - yet plenty are up for a change.
A survey finds only 53% of 200 Singaporeans surveyed are satisfied with their jobs. This is the second lowest - Japan has only a 47% satisfaction.

This points to a low job satisfaction and poor company loyalty in Singaporeans with more than half saying there were open to a job change at the right opportunity. Only half feel secure about their jobs.
-35% want a pay increase
-21% want a better work life balance

Research from another human resource consultancy shows that:
-a third of Asian employees - across all sectors - are frustrated in their jobs,
-16 per cent of the Asian workforce in general believe that they are effective in their jobs.

Due to a lack of empowerment and professional development.

Compare to UK:
-40 per cent of employees considered themselves effective workers.
= Higher job satisfaction.

With all that stress, Mr Pan said it is not surprising to see people want to move out of the industry. He has even noticed professionals with financial experience of more than 10 years wanting a change.

'Bankers who have been bankers their whole lives are very exploratory at the moment, inquiring about opportunities in industries such as aerospace or hospitality,' he said.

'They seem to have quite a 'just get me out of here' attitude.'

Note: taken from a post in the BrightSparks forum
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