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Yes I was in a policy role, and truth be told for a first job to take on writing policy or stating a stand, being prepared to be shot down by your boss and go through alot of ding-dong with your bosses and senior management, it's really quite overwhelming for a fresh grad. If I could use an analogy, it's like throwing you into the deep end of a pool when you haven't really even mastered threading water.

Still it was great exposure and I got to work with really committed and intelligent people. It also helped me discover what I didn't really enjoy doing, and what I could foresee myself doing in the future. Some of the colleagues I worked with really put in the effort and hours to get to where they are, but of course there is also the small handful who rise up the ranks purely by virtue of the scholar route.

I'm doing more of a functional role now, which is a little similar to what I used to do, but has a larger operational aspect to the job.
It seems tat u learned a lot during ur stay there so I tink its was still worth it ba. Functional role? Can to share some generic details? Seems like the policy work folks still remain highly employable in the context of the public sector despite 1 year break in btw.
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