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Something between 10k to 15k would be reasonable to ask for, I guess. All in all, depends on how desperate the company is to recruit you, or how eager you are to take up the job.

Bear in mind that many companies in this region operate on the basis of highly-qualified, lower-cost (compared to western developed countries) labour force. That's why all the foreign MNCs love to come here. So maybe that explains why the salary is not up to your initial expectation.

Also depending on the company's terms, you may not enjoy the same 'protection' that you get from the labour laws in EU countries.

3k for housing will get you a condo, more upmarket than the public housing that the majority of locals stay in, but location will definitely not be in the city area. Expect some commuting. But if you're adventurous and want to immerse in the local lifestyle, then staying in public housing in a local neighbourhood would be a great experience as well.
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