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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
the lifestyle you described earlier. i'm surprised it's still the same now cos i thought the practice is so last century. i wonder why they need to entertain clients. i don't think traders in banks need to do that.

she got in thru a friend. they were flight stewardesses.

why don't you ask around within your current company? make more friends, especially traders and their supporting staff, and find out more.
i realised (pls correct me if im wrong), traders in banks need more certification and educational qualifications compared to oil traders.

and i think what i heard is true afterall, only pretty girls will be accepted into this trade as usually alot of ex airstewardess in this line.

my company is too small, employment of only less than 10 people for our local office.

my group of friends are usually accountants etc and difficult to expand my network too. sigh.
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