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Actually, people will not want to stay in JB due to:

1. High security risks. Is saving a thousand dollars a month worth the life of your family and loved ones?

2. Big traffic jams. Is it worth it to make your children wake up at 4am and they leave home at 5am and reach home at 9pm? How to rest and study when they are so tired?

3. Expats will not want to risk their lives by renting in JB.

The reality is:

1. People will still live in Singapore. They will save cost by not owning a car (costs $2000 per month to own and use).

2. Expats rather pay more to live peacefully in Singapore. Anyway they are paid high salaries to work and live in Singapore, not JB. They also can't afford to waste hours in traffic jams at both checkpoints.

3. People value life more than money.
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