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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i am a junior PM in a oil/gas upstream com EPC.
31 years old.
120k PA
wow this is a lot!
Do you mind describing a bit of your job scope?
Do you have a team of project engineers to manage?

Because the PM job I mentioned - the job scope is almost similar to a project engineer: managing 5-6 system integration projects concurrently (system designing done by design engineers) for the EPCs / end-users, not required to manage a team engineers.

Due to the job scope is similar to project engineer's, and I have onle 4 years of similar experience, that's why I am asking only SGD4k-4.3k, and also I think the demand for Malaysian engineers is not that great at the moment?

Based on my background described, I don't think I am qualified for 10k a month.. I was told I am worth around 4k here in Singapore.. correct me if I am wrong, please
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