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My goodness. You are so free in your retirement, you post this tiresome same story every other day!~
Time to go back to work, perhaps? Even if you're not bored, we are bored of your posting/boasting.

Sad git.

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I find this debate between the old man and the young mother here interesting. The young mother wants to retire now but the old man said cannot and they go on and on ...

Let me share with you my own personal experience on my journey towards early retirement.

It begins when I was in school. I studied very hard and was among the better students in primary, secondary, JC and Uni. I worked in an MNC for many years and climbed my way up and became a top executive due to my stellar work performance, excellent personality and integrity. Unlike my peers who enjoyed life with partying, buying sports cars, girls, expensive holidays, etc, I had a simple and frugal life. I did not drive and I invested a big portion of my monthly pay and annual bonuses (huge bonuses) in stocks and properties, buying and selling them many rounds, making big profits. At the age of 45, I am officialy retired. I own a fully paid up luxury condo and an investment portfolio that generates decent passive income.

I earn an annual passive income of $100k pa. My younger wife, 35, is still growing in her career and getting $110k pa. We share equally our annual family expenses of $100k pa (I pay $50k pa and she pays $50k pa and we save and invest the balance). My wife is now saving as much as she cans and I help her to invest so that she can grow her investment portfolio. We hope her annual dividends will reach $100k pa by the time she reach 45, so that she can join me in my retirement.

I am now very busy managing my big investment portfolio, studying the economy, markets, industries and companies. I enjoy every minute of it. I relax by exercising in my condo gym and swim in the condo pool. I am now a young multi millionaire.
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