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Well, the problem with mid career is they base of your last salary. The current rate is now pretty std:

2nd Upper: $3.6k
1st Class: $3.85k

With the recent 5% adjustment should be more now. Assuming one beh kan farm all the way every year get MI $250 with no promotion, with 6 years a reasonable sum is about $5k.
you nail it right. that's very very close to my SB. so for my case, i calculate about $150 for every yr of irrelevant experience. but with that kind of $250 MI even for mid career, i'll forever be lagging behind my peers, not forgetting they will be promoted to higher grade much faster than me, salary gap drifting further and further. so much that i can't swallow... but no choice got to stay a while.

the recent adjustment, none for entry grade grads.

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