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Default Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

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The Ultimate Makeup remover (120ml)

FANCL’s original Perfect Blend Oil in the new Mild Cleansing Oil dissolves and removes the most stubborn makeup, eye makeup, even pore-clogging dirt and oil instantly. It is formulated with the best balance of carefully-selected oil and cleansing ingredients, leaving no residue. The unique Smooth Cushion Oil glides so effortlessly to wrap and remove any makeup and dirt without stripping natural oil from your skin, leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

Directions for use:
Apply a small amount about the size of a 500-yen coin (2 pumps) in the palm of your hand and gently massage onto the face in a circular motion. Rinse clean with lukewarm water and follow with our cleansing powder or liquid.

*Free of preservatives, sterilizers, petroleum surfactants, fragrances, mineral oil. Manufacture date printed on the package.

Fresh period:
3 years when unopened.
120 days upon opening.

Price (120ml per bottle):
1 bottle – 65 SGD
2 bottles – 45 SGD
3 bottles – 40 SGD
4 bottles onwards – 35 SGD

Pre-order sales.
Free shipping within Singapore.
Please allow about 3 weeks to deliver.
Imported from Japan.

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