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got give some, whether more or less, at least better than nothing.

my SO's brother and brother's wife use the air-conditioner every night, even on cold, rainy days and for several hours in the day as well cos the wife is a foreigner and doesn't work, so she's at home in the day.

Monthly water/electricity bills (for five) ~$400 mainly due to this (probably 50% for air-con) and his brother hasn't been giving any money since he got married almost two and a half years ago and started working two years ago.

All the while, their father hasn't been in good health, needs to go to the hospital every now and then for check-ups and is on a liquid diet, whereby the mlik costs $400 a month, so the expenses are higher than usual already and he also retired recently.

Imagine still eating into their parent's retirement funds to pay for monthly electricity bills (>2k a year based on $200/month) when the father is not in good health and needs to keep the money for his own medical expenses.

Now their mother is still working but cannot imagine when she retires also in a few years time, do they need to keep paying these not-so-cheap electricity bills just bcos their son and dil are so oblivious to their circumstances.

Of course, his parents are not entirely blameless for being soft and letting them be.
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