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Default Aircraft Maintenance License and Courses

Hi, Im starting a new thread here.
I had just finished my high school and im waiting continue my study at university. Lately, I have been told by my dad that aircraft maintenance engineer is not a bad field to venture into. I think im interested in engineering field so it's up to me to venture into which engineering field.
I have been doing some research about how to be a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer because I dont want to waste my time to study a degree program that dont qualified me to work as a LAE (Licensed Aircraft Engineer).

1. Aerospace Engineering Courses is available in NTU and some other overseas university. My doubt is after graduating from aerospace engineering, will i qualified to be taken as a LAE. ( I think is a NO. )

2. I heard that to be a LAE we need to take certain test to be a qualified LAE to sign off parts of the aircraft. From my last thread, someone told me about CAAS but recently from a education fair from Australia, there's a college that will be able to give you a EASA license. Is there anyone know anything about this two license? Which is better? I was told that the EASA license is approved by a professional body and will recognise by many country.

3. The Australia programme i mentioned is a 2 years diploma programme and the college will find you a job in aviation industry for 2-3 years and you will be getting your EASA license then. I was thinking at first that im a high school leaver with A level qualification and i should aim for a degree programme. But i was told by the representative from the college , if i want to be a aircraft maintenance engineer, what matters is the license and with the license i will be highly paid. I was thinking over again, after went through a 4yrs aerospace engineering degree programme, im still not qualified as a LAE and i need to take the risk whether the aircraft company will hire and train a degree graduate to be a maintenance engineer.

Hope someone that is a aircraft maintenance engineer or in the same field can clear my doubt as studying at Australia just for that diploma programme is not cheap. ( but we are aiming for the license to be a LAE)

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