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The hard reality is: if you own and live in a condo in Singapore, you are definitely considered the upper class, much higher than the middle class. Don't try to console yourself by saying this and that, the truth is owning and living in a condo is a status symbol. That is why most Singaporeans aspire to own and live in a condo. Those who can't make it go for ECs, which is a lesser cousin of PCs, but better than public flats.
I disagree with that, I personally know 2 people who make average salaries of about 7K per month which I consider middle class? Both are in their mid 30's and both own a 2 Bedroom condo with full facilities in locations near MRT. Parents are not well off. And both also happen to be singles.

Another one couple make about 5 - 8K each and also bought a 4 Bedroom condo good area near MRT. Not central but near good amenities.

Condo's are not what they used to be, I am very sure 30% of the HDB owners can easily buy a condo if they wanted assuming they sold their current properties and took a decent loan.

So unless you're telling me your condo is in Ardmore Park or along Tanglin road its going to be hard to decide who is middle and who is upper class.
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