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You sounded like someone who is having inferiority complex. You picked on the other poster's post for no apparent reason other than "I have issue with your post".

To put into perspective, I also have issue with your post as I cannot understand why you want to invest so much to make your entire home state-of-the-art. It's a bloody 1 floor home and you can just move around and do most of it by yourself. If you have money to burn, then please burn it on something more worthwhile. You sounded like one lazy fat bastard who doesn't bother to do anything by yourself. I do hope you still know how to operate those items manual if your internet connection dies. Seriously....

Hahaha... I also have an automated home. Even better don't need internet connection. My system is named m.a.i.d. In terms of convenience, my porch has 4 cars that allow me to be within driving distance to Orchard. I believe cause everything you have is inside... nobody cannot see. So come here haolian like nobody business. For me, put address at Dampsey already enough wow factor.... get a life.

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