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While I appreciate your comments, I take issue with them.

Why are you not happy when I say that I am in the top 15%? What is your problem? I work hard everyday to achieve what I have achieved and this is a big achievement for me since I came from a low income family. To own a condo, fully paid up some more, is a BIG acheivement mind you. Tell me, how many people in their 40s have fully paid up their condo mortgage? Those who bought flats, many paid up but those who bought a condo, not may paid up their mortgage.

My condo is NOT a MM unit. It is a decent size 3 bedroom unit. You just need to find hard for good deals.

You can still live in a condo and live a humble life. A humble life means you are humble, don't look down at others, speak nicely to people and buy a car you can afford.

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I wanted to applaud you on your happy life, but there are certain parts in your story I took issue with.

1. Those staying in condos are not necessary the top 15% (neither in wealth nor achievements). For eg, your household income and net worth will be below many HDB dwellers. It would have been enough to just say that you are among the 15% staying in a condo, rather than among the top 15%.

2. You bought a brand new condo last year at $1m -- this must be a MM unit. Last year, the prices for most new condos especially newly TOP ones were still commanding >$1K psf. If that were true, your condo would be smaller than a 5 roomer HDB.

3. It would be more appropriate to describe your lifestyle as simple rather than humble. If you want a humble life you shouldnt have moved to a condo. Your aspiration to own a condo also dont quite jell with living a simple lifestyle.

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