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Default Higher starting salaries for MINDEF and SAF entrants

MINDEF has announced that fresh entrants into MINDEF and SAF will get a higher starting pay.

In its press release, I noted that accountant entrants with good honours degrees get the highest increase (16.1%), followed by management executives with good honours (15.8%). Management executives and accountants are part of MINDEF's non-uniformed officer scheme, or what they call "DXOs" - Defence Executive Officers.

However, the highest absolute starting pay is still reserved for the uniformed combat military officer entrants. Lieutenants with good honours now get a starting pay of $3,860, about 3.2% up from the previous $3,740.

These are the starting salaries for the MINDEF and SAF entrants, sorted from highest to lowest:

- Lieutenant (good honours) - $3,860
- Officer Cadet (good honours) - $3,500
- Lieutenant (degree) - $3,430
- Accountants (good honours) - $3,180
- Management Executives (good honours) - $3,080
- Officer Cadet (degree) - $2,940
- Accountants (degree) - $2,670
- Management Executives (degree) - $2,590
- Lieutenant (diploma) - $2,520
- Lieutenant (A-level) - $2,160
- Officer Cadet (diploma) - $2,100
- Officer Cadet (A-level) - $1,970
Interestingly, a diploma holder makes more than an A-level holder, by up to $360 for lieutenant entrants. So, if you are quite sure you want to stop schooling 2 to 3 years after your O levels, go to a polytechnic!

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