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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It depends what sort of job you want to join in a bank. If it’s backroom trading support kind still got chance. If you want to get back the same sort of job you now have but in a bank then very unlikely as you will end up competing with all the bank’s MA and experienced outsiders from well known banks.
Thanks for your reply. Realised I wasn't specific in what I was looking for.

I'm ok to start off again from the bottom in the entry level analyst-type roles (in pricing, finance, whatnot), and am not looking to parachute in to the senior analyst or assoc level. After all, my years of experience isn't that much.

Also, banking-wise, I'm not really looking at the high finance fields (ib, am etc.) but more towards the middle range of corp. credit risk etc.; Eq research would be nice, but unrealistic I think.

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