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Originally Posted by Ntriz View Post

First& Second question: Can aero engin graduate be an aircraft engineer? Yes, certainly. Based on the latest data from the Singapore airshow 2010, more $$$ has been injected into preparing and transforming Singapore into aerospace hub in the region. Thus, there'll be many opportunities for such graduates from aerospace/mechatronics engin in years to come, whether at big-name companies such as Rolls-Royce, Pratt&Whitney, Bombardier, SIA Engineering, etc.

Competitions are present in every industry. Therefore, being able to add value to the companies will give you the winning edge over other graduates. How? Activities, Internships, Inter-personal & leadership skills...

Aerospace vs aeronautical? they're simply different depending on how the university wants to name it. For example, NTU has Mechanical&Aerospace Engin (MAE) school, offering a few specialisations, such as mechatronics or aerospace. There's also direct aerospace degree in NTU, but the entry requirements are much more stringent. Have you heard of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the US? well.. things that they teach are in fact quite identical to things that NTU teaches. After all, bachelor degree builds fundamentals in fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, engineering mathematics, etc etc. Thus, it's just a naming convention.

**NOTE: if you're Singaporean or SG PR, you can also consider working with as navy/airforce non-officer staff (eg. engineer). They pay very well for graduates with good honours, even better than some(in fact many) MNCS in aerospace industries, considering MINDEF offers quite excellent bonus package.
Thanks again for your time and efforts in helping me, Ntriz.
I have applied NTU and NUS but still waiting for the outcome. For NTU, applicants are allowed to change their choices of course before 31 of march. So i'm still thinking over it. For NTU, I saw there are aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering which is under the fourth year of mecha engineering. What's the difference in this two tittle which sounds similar.
By the way, i'm actually a Malaysian but my grandparents are singaporean.
I know that MINDEF is singapore army(My mum told me) but how about MNCS ( what's that?)
My STPM results is similar to A level standard. I obtained 2A- for my physic and general paper and 2B+ for my chemistry and mathematics. (A,A-,B+,B,B-,C+,C... A will be the best grade.) Hope you dont mind wasting your time on a foreigner
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